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Ronald Nijhof [1976] works with various media. The main focus is on spatial works that have a strong link with architecture. The physical experience is of great importance, most works can be entered. The works don't tell a particular story, but concentrate on the abstraction of space.

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AGENDA / events

gradient lightpanels > dec 2011



These lightpanels are small tests to find out effects of gradient light.The edges of the circle are cut away 45 degrees for a 2 dimensional effect.

Noorderlicht010 > may 2011



Noorderlicht010 is a festival for lightart, performance and music in Rotterdam. For the second edition of the festival we were invited to create a bar-environment. Benches were placed around the work, like a campfire. We sold drinks out of a styrofoam box, the 'bar' was hidden and eventually discovered through rumours in the audience. The work is a collaboration with Ties Ten Bosch.

The Science of Feedback > set-up: feb 2011


The Science of feedback is an ongoing research in collaboration with Rob Zimmermann. Our goal is to create a stable system of electronics and mechanics, of light and movement. The system is set out to be emergent: when looking at a single object one cannot discover the characteristics of the whole, the system. Light is translated into sound, which triggers lights, movements, etc, etc.

Op Schaal > jan 2011

Op schaal / On scale is an architectural lightinstallation, based on a 1:2 model of the exhibitionspace of Moira, made for Kunstvlaai 2010. The copy of the space is introduced to its original.The new space is distorted, flipped and new space appeared. The installation is a game with inside/outside, contrasts and reality. 


Not only the white space can be entered, it is also possible to go behind the screens, the unpolished side, the backside of the exhibitionspace.Moreover, another wall was build around an existing wall, creating 3 layers of space.


Expositieruimte Moira, Utrecht 8 jan - 30 jan.
Photos by Peter van Dijk

lightworks > nov 2010


The works Purism II, Purism III, and Panels are brought together on a small podium. All works are audioreactive, lights react to a soundtrack specially made for the objects. The sound cannot be heard. At CU / Created in Utrecht, Sophies AL.

1 op 2 @ KunstVlaai2010 / ArtPie2010 > may 2010


exterior view / setting from Chris Brans



This is a stand designed for Moira exhibitionspace at the Kunstvlaai 2010 / ArtPie 2010 in Amsterdam. The structure is a scaled version of the actual space in Utrecht, scale 1 : 2. Because of its height, the artists presented in it were somehow caged by the work. The artist exhibited.
The artists were: Jaime Ibanez and Chris Brans

The Art Show Orchestra (the ASO) > feb 2010


For the openig of CBK Utrecht, Maurice Bogaert developed a concept with 4 opening-events. One of these events was about music, improvisation and the artist-band. I started a band just for this situation, a band for art shows. With: Christian Toonk, Rob Zimmermann, Frank Jansens, Henk de Vries, Jan Willem Deiman and Tom Kok.

Purism II > november 2009

At the Wintersalon at Galerie Janssen & De Vries

Purism II > sept 2009

For Petersburg Project Space's Peterkast, a model-lightspace. Three lightsources (RGB) illuminate an empty interior. This interior is in sharp contrast with the rough outside. The room changes colour all the time. Petersburg projectspace, Amsterdam / Peterkast

Volksrekorders pavillion > sept 2009


For the groupshow 'BLURRR' at Tent, Rotterdam, Volksrekorders is building a presentationspace. Inside the pavillion there are over 30 televisions that show all episodes that Volkrekorders have made, and a computer to take a look at the website.

garden chair > feb 2009

A chair made out of my old barn. 

das zwischen > october 2008


Das Zwischen consists out of a series of platforms that can be connected in various ways
. The objects come in 5 differents heights and are finished with 5 different kinds of materials. The visitor can change and redefine the space in many kinds of ways It is easy to use as a lounge, but can act as a series of sculptures just as well. Various dimensions. Duo-show with Su Tomesen at Petersburg Project Space, Amsterdam. (photo right below: Katharina Pohlmann) 

panels > 2008 / 2009

Audioreactive lightworks. The objects react to certain frequencies via an audioinput. Because the innerform is white when the light is out, and becomes darker as the light turns on, it seems as the innerform becomes larger and smaller. It is hard to focus on what you actually see.
Picture above shows last object, 120 cm x 120 cm, picture right below is the origin of the work:a partly blinded window on a sunny day.
Still in progress.                                                     

Salon des Refusés 1863 > june 2008


A miniature monument for the Salon des Refusés
in 1863. Without permission installed during the opening
of De nieuwe Salon Utrecht. The work is being mentioned in a newsletter emailed by 'de nieuwe salon'. It seems to be
incorporated in the exhibition. I was not invited for this groupshow.

barca, stagedesign > may 2008



A stagedesign for  Adriano Banchieri's Barca (1605) by Vocal Ensemble Coqu. Pieterskerk, Utrecht.
Lighting Design: Jeroen de Boer, Director: Pepijn Cladder.

paviljoen / pavillion > november 2007 > expodium, utrecht



Pavilion is a spatial experiment that consists out of a slum-like outside and a modernist inside, a white cube. Using 3
lightbulbs (Red, Green and  Blue, the basis of television), endless colour-variations can be made. The inside turns out to be
the ultimate puristic space: an illuminated, geometrical empty space without any requirements of users. The lighting is composed using synthesizers, there is no sound, just the fading and flickering of the lights.  

volksrekorders, filmstills > june 2007



Stills of 12 short films, made for the Volksrekorders project at Urban Festival, Zagreb. Click on image to go to
episode on the volksrekorderswebsite. Volksrekorders is: Marcel van den Berg, Malgosia Briefjes, Maurice Bogaert, Ties Ten Bosch, Regina Kelaita, Sanja Miletovic, Ronald Nijhof, Bram Nijssen, and Anne Schiffer.
stapeling / stack  > june 2007 > academiegalerie, utrecht


speakers > 2007 / 2009




Different approaches towards audiospeakers (left right, up down): vision on composition/lay-out of the front of a speaker, triangle-shaped growing form, resonating speaker, d.i.y. leslie speakers. 

white cube  > august 2006

A sugarcube with sound and light. The object makes an irritating noise as the cube flickers.  When one comes close, a soothing sound accompanies the cube's swelling of light. When being left alone, the irritating noise starts again. Every now and then the work asks for attention. Shown at B art, Den Bosch and SOCO, Amsterdam

oud papier > march 2006
This is a presentation for 'oud papier', a graphic production   of Tjeerd Maas. The furniture can contain about 500 books in a3-size, it can show 12 spreads of the book, has 4 seats and a desk. At the Cityhall of Utrecht (Stadhuis).

system (untitled)
> january 2006
The installation consists out of an environment of objects in which cliches of public space and furniture mix up with the visual language of the constucting of objects. The use of chipboard places the installation in the context of prototypes, objects which can be tested to reality. At the same time the installation is a collection of loudspeakers: an audio environment lets the object literally fade into eachother. At the Vishal, Haarlem.

PORTAL / tuning > march 2005
This is in fact an oversized roomdivider: it seperates the exhibitionspace 'Gele Rijder' from the space of CBKGelderland, Arnhem. It offers a box-office and a waiting room, seperated by a short catwalk. Thereby, it gives possibilities for exhibiting. PORTAL is part of the cycle 'Finetuning' by Suze May Sho and Marten Hendriks. 'Tuning' was the first stage of the exhibition.

stage 1 /\

stage 3 \/

PORTAL / store  / weten, doen, worden > november 2005
During 'store', a chimney was added, it turned the installation
into a smokingarea. The next stage ('weten, doen, worden)
was to put the 2 parts against eachother, forming one
enclosed innerspace.

ESL > june 2004

A double sculpture. Based on High-End audio 'electrostatic' speakers, these are imitations, made of wood. ESL is two identical objects and researches natural ways to show objects. At Academiegalerie, Utrecht. Painting by Lieven Hendriks

The Low Beginning of Hifi > april 2004
is an audio-citylandscape existing out of 6 protoypes of
audiospeakers, 6 audiotracks and orange light. The sounds are merely abstract tones, electronicly generated. Because of
variable tracklenghts, the soundscape is never the same. By
walking round the installation, different sounds appear to
change through acoustic behaviour within the space.
At the 5er, Rotterdam.

BRUG (bridge) > october 2001
For a temporary groupexhibition, this bridge furfilled its purpose as an alternative route to a sculpture garden. The entrance had been blocked by a sculpture by
Marten Hendriks. The work gave a wide view over the sculpture-garden. At Jansen & Kooy, Warnsveld.