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Released on the netlabel
A clean and uncompromising soundtrack that represents just modulation, no fx’s added. These 4 tracks are created solely by modifying the envelope of modulating frequencies, creating glimmering patterns. (sept2008)

1. A, 7:08
2. D, 6:57
3. S, 7:05
4. R, 3:17

Download:  (4 tracks + artwork) at

Released on the netlabel
2 tracks based on the principle of fm-synthesis. The timbre of sinewaves is disturbed by altering the envelope of the modulating frequency, resulting in complex and grainy soundtextures. The greek word piezein meaning "to press tight", is meant as a metaphor for squeezing the curve of soundwaves, which have been the case for these 2 tracks. (sept2007)

1. tidal movement exerted by six moons, 12:39
2. birdphaser, 11:57

Download:  (2 tracks) at, or here at

Released on the netlabel
The basic idea for unison is the phenomenon of binaural tones. When the distance between congruence frequencies is changed, pulsations occur. Here, dutch artist christian toonk uses a self build instrument based on sinewave oscillators and feedback loops. The output is rewired to the input and provides a somewhat unpredictable datastream, by means of creating an opponent to interact to as in collaboration. Unison is an improvisation with sinewaves. although a technical approach, an emotive quality is pursued. (text: gerz) (nov2005)

1. beta, 12:52
2. alpha, 6:50
3. theta, 10:42
x, theta (edit), alternative version: not on online release!, 6:01

Download:  (3 tracks + artwork) at  (review)

The second audio release of the RGB project in collaboration with bas van koolwijk. Subtle frequency modulations create a suspense field that blurs the actual time span. One track based on improvisations with the audiovisual live performance RGB.
50 copies, sold out.

1. colortron, 30:06

The first audio release of RGB together with bas van koolwijk, include three tracks based on improvisations with the audiovisual live performance RGB. All sounds derived from properties of the PAL video signal. (jan2005)

1. teleton, 11:14
2. futic, 6:07
3. polkolor, 17:59

Featuring: 87Central [US/NL] + Yannick Dauby [FR] / Bas van Koolwijk [NL] + Christian Toonk [NL]
The first release from the umatic label are two live performances of improvised music originated from umatic‘s first event in march 2004. The event consisted of several audio-visual performances based on fresh collaborations between umatic members and invited artists. (march2004)

1. RGB (van Koolwijk + Toonk), 14:09
2. Shared Soundscape (87Central + Yannick Dauby), 16:26

Download:  (2 tracks + artwork) at