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> 02y.mp3
2 fm tracks. Inconstant series of sound proceded from enveloped-modulation.

> worm.mp3
Live performance at worm, rotterdam, oct 13 2006.

> clouds.mp3
> sundown.mp3
2 tracks made with my performance-setup for the collaboration with Karl Klomp. Stretched sinewave melodies, feedback overtones and clipped noise excerpts.

> uef_13'48.mp3
> uef_16'21.mp3
> uef_20'20.mp3
> uef_20'22.mp3
4 short pieces sliced out of 24h of recordings made at the urban explorers festival in dordrecht, NL - may 11-14 2006.

> ue.mp3
Live performance at pictura, dordrecht, may 12 2006.

> mat.mp3

Tone Mapping; merged layers of low tones.

> psychonavigators.mp3
Collaboration with derek holzer (
Live recording made at the exhibition Urbanism, in co÷peration with Lucky Kitchen, commisioned by Utrecht, NL - Jun 14 2004.

Karl Klomp on circuitbend videomixer, Christian Toonk on sine oscilator.

Excerpt of performance with Karl Klomp (video) at extrapool - Nijmegen, NL - Oct 20 2006.

Reflecting light on a watersurface which is disturbed by soundfrequencies.

Short excerpt of a recent video. Lenses dim the light in a room alongside a autumnal soundtrack.