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.Ronald Nijhof

.Christian Toonk
info: collaborate projects by Ronald Nijhof and Christian Toonk
Ronald Nijhof, Christian Toonk and Bas van Koolwijk expose their individual inspirations, recent projects and experiments in three simultaneous desktop presentations. Improvisation and association are the means by which the presentations are structured. The aim is to fuse the separate contributions into a collective triptych.

Artis, Den Bosch  (april2005)
Garage, Stralsund, DE (august2005)
Warning this is a subtle effect
A video installation about visual illusions, presented during a 2 day event called bar wars in Extrapool.
The video's ruisbol, magic hue and pop-up where screened in a homecinema setting, in a small room with 3d wallpaper.
Commissioned by Extrapool.
(may 2005)
magic hue extrapool
An installationresponsive to a monumental building. synchronized sound, smoke and light neutralize a historical space. Following quite literally the story ubik written by Philip K. Dick, where the personages minds are fogged and they imagine them selfs back in the past.
In collaboration with Bas van Koolwijk.
Commissioned by skol.
Installation around a scale model, revealing hidden layers inside an old bunker. aiming for the droste effect.
Commissioned by Moira.
Installation with amplified insect sounds for a camping site.
Commissioned by GAU.
tent test
European Data Cup
Presentation about agenerative parasite project turning the soccer championship into an electronic music generator.
With Bas van Koolwijk.
Commissioned by Impakt, presented in BAK.
bak input
An interactive lightinstallation in which the public can control a display existing out of 432 light bulbs. By touching the lightened platform, the corresponding spot on the screen goes on. In real-time are the movements of the public translated to animated images.
Commissioned by lazy marie, presented in huis a/d werf, Utrecht.
screen hardware
An installation withliving animals, and the use of color- and motion detection for gathering data with which audio and video are produced in real-time.
In collaboration with Bas van Koolwijk.
Academie galerie, Utrecht.
input output
An interactive lightinstallation in which the public can control a display existing out of 81 light bulbs. By pressing the sensors the audience can make animations and simple games.
Commissioned by Lazy Marie,
Presented in louis hartlooper complex, Utrecht.
louis hartlooper complex touchscreen
Assembled works basedon a virtual car race ran in a vinex location.
Expodium, Utrecht.
expodium videostill