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.Ronald Nijhof

.Christian Toonk

info: collaborate music projects by Ronald Nijhof and Christian Toonk

Recorded music by Ronald Nijhof and Christian Toonk since 1996.
DIY drones and jams.

> 101014.mp3

w/ Frank Jansens and Henk de Vries. Psychedelic jams with a proto punk/no wave spirit. Since 2014.

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w/ Henk de Vries. 2002-2007.
Lo-fi songs.

> go.mp3
> burning.mp3
> rosemary's garden.mp3
> outside.mp3
> hands down.mp3

A platform for audiovisual home-experiments: 1994-2001.

> 3days.mp3
Short excerpt out of 3 days of recordings made at ruben's home.
> 03-gts/t.mp3
Third track from gt's self-titled album, 1999.
> 04-kokerloods.mp3
Track four from kokerloods, 2002.

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